September 18, 2023:
Myriad: CEO Thomas Lamb on the Copper Mountain transaction.

July 11, 2023:
Uptrend Finance: This will be the Buildout of Niger’s Uranium Basin

May 29, 2023:
Passive Income Investor: A Deep Look at Myriad Uranium

May 11, 2023:
Uptrend Finance: On the shoulder of Giants

April 10, 2023:
triANGLE Investior: CEO Interview with Thomas Lamb

April 10, 2023:
Crux Investor: Myriad Uranium – Neighbourly Values for New Team

April 10, 2023:
The Power Play: Interview with Stockhouse/The Market Herald


March 9, 2023:
IIF: CEO Thomas Lamb at PDAC 2023

February 13, 2023:
Crux Investor: This might be Global Atomic 2.0

February 11, 2023:
IIF: Myriad at Mining Indaba 2023. CEO interview with IIF

January 29, 2023:
Radius Research: Deep Dive into Myriad’s  Uranium Exploration Option

January 29, 2023:
The Market Herald: Myriad announces Private Placement

January 18, 2023:
Proactive: Myriad identifies key targets as company starts exploring Niger

January 9, 2023:
The Next Big Rush: A little Bit More About the Land Package

August 29, 2022:
Proximity to Other Projects